Quranic Sciences

For more information and registration, please contact us through WhatsApp: +44 7496 668677

Fee of this course: €39

Aim of this course: 1- Learning some issues including Exegesis of the Quran through the Quran, 2- Fundamental Prerequisites for the Commentary of the Quran. 

Importance of this course: Understanding the Holy Quran depends on having a variety of information, the lack of any of which affects understanding the Holy Quran and it makes the need for interpretation necessary.

Your Achievement after this course: 
1- Will know issues concerning Quran Tafsir, 
2- Will Know the quality of Revelation of the Holy Quran, 
3- Will be familiar with Authenticity of Hadith,
4- Will be given a certificate.

1- Eight online sessions will be held by the teacher, 
2- Multiple choice and Written quizzes at the end of each lesson, 
3- Midterm exam after 7 lessons, including oral questions,
4- Final Exam after 15lessons, including  Multiple choice quiz.

Number of lessons: 15lessons.